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“For many women, this is personal and gut-wrenching.” Sen. Susan Collins, liar
Hunter  Daily Kos Staff 2018/10/07
Collins is lying, and everybody knows it. What Susan Collins means is that she believes Brett Kavanaugh is currently too Important to have done it. Too central to the conservative cause; too much a celebrity. He has grown from a drunken lout of a boy to a man with powerful friends. More
Susan Collins a moderate no more, still defending Kavanaugh, blasting liberal 'extremists'
Daily Kos Staff October 25, 2018
Notice how she doesn’t even mention working for the people of Maine? That’s because she’s given up that pretense. She is now part of the national Trump machine, and she is more worried about a primary challenge from the right than a general election in reliably blue Maine.More
NJ senator pulls no punches after viewing FBI Kavanaugh report, 'it's a bullshit investigation'
Jen Hayden Daily Kos Staff  2018/10/04
Make no mistake about it, the Supreme Court would be forever tainted if Republicans push this nomination through. They have so many conservative judges on their bench, it is so difficult to believe they are sticking with a man facing credible accusations of sexual assault. More

Hatch tells women protesting Kavanaugh to "grow up"  .subir  Community 2018/10/04
Here’s Orrin Hatch, waving away sexual assault survivors with naked contempt, telling them  to “grow up”. More

A Culture of Secrecy Is Helping Propel Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court
This is why we haven’t heard more from Kavanaugh’s high school peers. The paucity of male voices from the prep-school world is “a key indicator of the culture of secrecy and the code of what it means to go to that prep school. “You count on everybody to keep your secrets, and you also know that if you were not to keep someone’s secrets, there’s retribution.” More

Kavanaugh vote looms as GOP pushes and voices of protest rise
Rachel Maddow reviews the Senate testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, noting her anticipation of how she would be treated once she spoke up, and rounds up some of the powerful objections being voiced against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. More

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