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Noam Chomsky Says GOP is the ‘Most Dangerous Organization in World History’

"Dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to [the] destruction of organized human life, for which there is no historical precedent."

Pompeo grilled CIA analysts over their conclusion that Putin sought to help Trump, came up dry  Kerry Eleveld Daily Kos Staff July 12, 2019
As it happens, special counsel Robert Mueller and the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee also reached the same conclusion as Pompeo and the CIA—that the Kremlin absolutely intended to boost Trump's candidacy while hamstringing Hillary Clinton's chances of being elected.
. The only thing that's unclear is whether Barr’s mission is simply to elevate the power of the presidency so high that whoever holds the office is untouchable, or if it's to turn the U.S. into a fascist state ruled by Donald Trump.  WORKING AGAINST OUR OWN  INTELLUGENCE
(a bit of treason?)

Trump looking to ax Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, because he's competent Kerry Eleveld Daily Kos Staff July 12 , 2019
Coats  produces the President’s Daily Brief that has been reduced down to an assemblage of slogans and flashy graphs in the hope of commanding even a moment of Trump's toddler attention span.
Trump has reportedly decided that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence—which was formalized in 2005 as a result of intelligence reforms following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks—is "an unnecessary bureaucratic layer.” Who needs the President’s Daily Brief anyway? Certainly not Trump. More

We still don't know how to fight the 'big lie,' and that's what makes it truly the biggest threat Mark Sumner Daily Kos Staff July 11, 2019
Where we’re headed now will make things worse than they have been in terms of that kind of exploitation. Because Donald Trump is right about this much: Social media is much, much better at spreading a lie.
Eight decades after Hitler, the lies are bigger, faster, and more powerful than ever. If an effective way can’t be found to fight them where they live, that fight will come—as it already has begun to do—to where we all live. More
In rare editorial statement, the NYRB publishes a photocritique of Trump's military propaganda rally Dartagnan Wednesday July 03, 2019
The New York Review of Books is one of the last vestiges of journalistic sanity in this country, having the distinction of being such an erudite publication that not a single Trump supporter is currently known to have read it, likely because they are unable to understand it.
In an exceedingly rare, collective statement, its editors have put together a photographic reminiscence of tank/armor-infused propaganda rallies by fascist or quasi-fascist dictators, such as Trump’s planned ‘Salute to America,” scheduled to forever disgrace our Washington Mall tomorrow.  More
President Trump Says Only Trump Supporters Deserve Free Speech THE NATIONAL INTEREST JULY 11, 2019  
Drumpf" “To me free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad,” he insisted. “To me that’s very dangerous speech, and you become angry at it. But that’s not free speech.”
This is one of those statements that would be shocking if made by any normal president but is almost banal with Trump. He barely disguises his admiration for dictators and their freedom to murder journalists who displease them.#praytrumpout #GOPthedarkside More
Is US Democracy Dying a Slow and Barely Visible Death?
July 3, 2019
Ret. Col. Larry Wilkerson examines the dangers that Republican efforts to abridge voting rights and that Trump’s racist and violent exhortations represent to US democracy  More
A president and Republican Congress working on Russia’s behalf?
Treating other human beings as less than human at the border? Removing women’s rights? Attempting to kill millions of Americans by removing healthcare?  More
Drumpf desecrates the meaning of our 4th of July and spends needed elswhere money for himself and trumpsters
July 1 at 7:12 AM ·
"Frankly, that's not what July 4th is about,” Hoyer said in an interview with NBC News.

"It's not about politics in the partisan sense — it's about democracy, it's about freedom, it's about individual liberties, it's about pursuit of happiness," he added. "Not about politics, not about polarization, not about focusing on differences. It's about one nation under god indivisible. And it's sad that the president's turning it into — in my opinion and the opinion of many — a political rally.”
The Nosei Factory
We are calling for a complete and total boycott of Trumps campaign rally in Washington DC on July 4th. Don't watch, don't go and don't listen so his ratings will be 0%. Celebrate independence day with family and friends not Trump. More
How Kellyanne Conway’s rules violations threaten democracy July 2, 2019
While the Hatch Act, which became law in 1939, built on past civil service rules that restricted federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities, its history is little known. The difference between the late 1930s and today is captured, in no small measure, by the tenor of Trump’s and Conway’s remarks. What once seemed crucial to lawmakers is now breezily dismissed by administration officials. But we should care a great deal about keeping our bureaucracy and our politics separate, because this distinction lies at the core of a functioning democracy. More
The newspaper board’s article ― titled “Rather than defend democracy, Trump jokes with Putin”
June 29, 2019
Noted how Trump “kissed off the concerns” about Russian interference in American elections as he joked with Putin about meddling.
It also described Trump and Putin’s shared attack on the media as “an unctuous display of his personal strongman impulses in front of a Russian president who leads a system that imprisons, persecutes and kills journalists and dissidents who become too curious or critical.”
cg-Weakly (caving to a forein power as if it were funny! TRAITOR!!! #praytrumpout   More

A President defending our country

Imagepetesouza -
Given what just transpired between Comrade minus (Drumpf) and Vladimir Putin, I thought it would be a stark reminder to post this photograph again.

*cg - Stongly defending our country Vs. caving to a forein power)
Trump Attacks ‘The Press’ While Showering Dictator Kim With Praise And Thanks
By Guardians of Democracy Staff
President Trump on Sunday praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un for having a “powerful voice” that had “never been heard before,” shortly after he became the first American President to step over the North Korean border and shake hands with a North Korean leader.
Trump described his relationship with the North Korean leader as a “great friendship.”  More
Trump will cause ‘more lasting damage’ than Nixon did, says conservative columnist George Will By SRUTHI PALANIAPPAN Jun 12, 2019
On the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast on Wednesday, Will said the departure from traditional conservatism predates Trump, but the impact Trump has had on the Republican party and the country will create significant lasting damage beyond his term in office. More
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