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“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”   ―  Voltaire

GOP = #GutlessOldParty
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San Juan Mayor Calls trump’s ‘Total Neglect’ Of Puerto Rico A Violation Of Human Rights
By Mary Papenfuss 06/04/2018
trump’s “total neglect has to be called [out],” Cruz added. “The United Nations says that when people are denied the right to access to basic human services — like electric power, like water, like food, like appropriate medical care — that it is a violation of human rights.” More

Republican senator weeps for shooter who murdered eight classmates and two teachers
Barbara Morrill Daily Kos Staff May 22, 2018
Republicans go out of their way to blame everything except guns. And last week’s mass murder (that left eight students and two teachers dead at a Texas high school) was no exception. But this may be a first: a Republican senator seems to be blaming … the victims? More

trump admin eyed for effort to smear Obama Iran deal architects
RACHEL MADDOW  May.07.2018
Colin Kahl, former deputy assistant to President Obama, talks with Rachel Maddow about reports that an Israeli intelligence firm was hired to find ways to smear members of the Obama administration to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, with some suggestion that the Trump administration is responsible. More
"This is not zero tolerance. It’s zero-humanity. It’s wrong."
jamess  Community  June 04, 2018
"I think it's unacceptable that a member of Congress is not being admitted to see what is happening to children whose families are applying for asylum. I decided to come out here, go up to the door and ask to be let in," he said in the video. More

Kelly Clarkson refuses to lead ‘moment of silence’ at Billboard Awards—her reason is stunning
Leslie Salzillo Community May 21, 2018
I’m so sick of ‘moment of silence.’ It’s not working, obviously, so, why don’t we not do a moment of silence—why don’t we  ‘moment of action’—why don’t we do ‘moment of change, why don’t we change what's happening. (Applause) because it’s  horrible.
trump's New Solution to Every Problem
Like his predecessors, the president is discovering the allure of using the armed forces to solve problems, and like them, he’s also quickly discovering its limitations. What is unusual about trump is how quickly he has landed on the military as his silver bullet, and the range of cases in which he has employed it. More
The Military Banned Waterboarding Trainees Because It Was Too Brutal — And Never Announced It
By Jessica Schulberg 03/29/2018
Torture apologists cite the military’s use of waterboarding trainees in defense of Gina Haspel, Trump’s nominee for CIA director. One problem: The military stopped that training in 2007. More
US and Russia: New Age of Nuclear Instability (Part 2/2)
March 27, 2018
With the New START treaty set to end in 2021 and no substantive nuclear arms talks underway, the United States and Russia have entered "a phase of enormous danger," says author and scholar Richard Sakwa More

US and Russia: New Age of Nuclear Instability (Part 1/2)
March 27, 2018
Russia has the power to destroy the U.S. several times over, and unprecedented bipartisan hawkishness in Washington is driving the world to a precipice by blocking diplomatic talks, demonizing Putin, and delegitimizing the system in Russia says Prof. Richard Sakwa More

George Clooney to Parkland students: 'You make me proud of my country again'
Mar 23. 2018
When student journalists from the Parkland high school newspaper requested an interview with George and Amal Clooney, this is what he wrote back: The fact that no adults will speak on the stage in DC is a powerful message to the world that if we can’t do something about gun violence then you will. More

Screw your March for Our Lives coverage, Arizona Republic
By Mother Mags   Mar 24, 2018
Counter-protesters did not “clash.” An estimated 20,000 people, many of them families and students, marched to end gun violence today at the Arizona State Capitol. According to the Republic’s own article, a couple dozen gun huggers also attended, carrying AR-15s and waving Trump flags. This is Arizona, after all, a state whose legislature is owned by the NRA, so it’s no surprise the nutters showed up. More

Bolton Fabricated Lies that Justified War on Iraq
March 23, 2018
Phyllis Bennis says new national security adviser John Bolton orchestrated the ouster of Jose Bustani, chief of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, just as he was close to an agreement with Saddam Hussein to allow intrusive weapons inspections More

The Second Amendment was created and ratified to protect and preserve slavery and white power
By Frank Vyan Walton Mar 04, 201
In their origin, these vaunted “militias” that are referenced in the Second Amendment (and which are so revered by Scalia and Loesch) were in fact the method used to “protect the people” from the potential uprising of humans which they held in bondage for financial gain. The Second Amendment was written to appease the slave-holding states during the initial formation of the nation after its rebellion against England. It allowed those states to maintain the framework that preserved their oppression and financial rewards. More

Teachers Slam trump’s Call For More Guns In Schools: ‘Are You F**king Insane?’
By Ed Mazza POLITICS 02/22/2018
Educators tell the president they want to teach, not shoot. “I’ve also been shooting guns my entire life and own multiple guns now. I don’t trust myself to be able to capably defend a classroom against a shooter, and I’m a good shot. Why would we expect teachers everywhere to bear this responsibility?” More
Here at Truthout, we have taken a deep dive into the issue of gun reform, and know for a stone fact that it isn’t simple.
Some people are wildly passionate about guns and have significant political clout. The issue of institutional racism and police powers must be assessed and addressed. The profit motive behind the slaughter, along with this country’s long legacy of violence at home and abroad, also stand at the core of the dilemma.
No, it’s not simple. It sure as hell isn’t solved by giving guns to teachers (as if they don’t have enough to deal with already), nor is it saccharine talking points written by someone else. These are matters of life and death, and if the president of the United States won’t take it seriously, we will -- but we need your help to do so.  More
The US is the deadliest developed country in the world, when it comes to firearm deaths.
Heather Timmons March 02, 2018
The National Rifle Association’s black-carpeted booth was packed last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. Just days earlier, a school shooter in Parkland, Florida had killed seventeen people. More

‘The day they ask me to carry a gun in the classroom is the last day I teach’
By Michael Levenson GLOBE STAFF  FEBRUARY 22, 2018
trump’s call to arm teachers — which he mentioned at a Wednesday forum with shooting victims and their family members and reiterated in a series of tweets Thursday — drew swift and fierce opposition from teachers, school officials, and Governor Charlie Baker. Several denounced the idea as dangerous and misguided. More

Joe: AR-15 not a God-given Constitutional right
MORNING JOE Feb.21.2018
Joe Scarborough says the Constitution does not grant gun owners the right to an AR-15 and that the time for change on guns is nearing. More
Demand that Credit Card Companies Block Sales of Assault Weapons
You can help too! More
After mass shootings, retired military commanders urge Congress to address 'gun violence crisis' The Washington Post Katie Zezima 12/2/17
“Thoughts and prayers will not bring solutions,” they write.
After Deadly Mass Shooting, White House Says It’s ‘Premature’ To Discuss Guns
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that people should wait for “all of the facts.”
By Willa Frej and Marina Fang
Following the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, president donald trump on Monday offered his sympathy to the victims, but made no mention of America’s pervasive gun violence either in his tweets or his prepared statement from the White House. More

These 4 countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths — here's what the US can learn
Business Insider Chris Weller Nov 16, 2017
The US has seen a spate of mass shootings within the last couple months, reopening debates about gun control. Some countries have figured out how to curb gun violence through targeted strategies. Efforts from Japan, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom may all offer insight. More

trump uses Purple Heart ceremony as photo-op, tells wounded vet “Congratulations!”
Tommy Christopher   APRIL 23, 2017
Donald Trump's failures as president are matched only by his failures as a human being, like his use of a wounded veteran for a photo-op, at which he presented a Purple Heart with a chipper "Congratulations!" More  Still More
Military refused trump’s bid to parade missile launchers at inauguration By Yaron Steinbuch 1/20/17Updated
The US military shot down President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration team’s bid to have tanks and missile launchers rolling down his parade route (Kim Jong-un of the West?) More

WATCH: President Obama’s “Nuclear Code” Warning About trump is Absolutely Terrifying.
As Donald Trump is currently blustering his way into a potentially catastrophic nuclear conflict with North Korea, it’s worth remembering how Barack Obama’s already warned us about Trump having access to the nuclear codes. Now, Obama’s words of wisdom are more prescient than ever. More

trump attempts to inspire schoolchildren about space, instead touts “tremendous military” opportunities Tommy Christopher  April 24, 2017
I have to say, there’s tremendous military application in space. We’re rebuilding our military like never before, we’re ordering equipment, and we’re going to have the strongest military that we’ve ever had, the strongest military that the world has ever seen, and there’s been no time that we’ve ever needed it more. And I’m sure that every student watching wants to know what is next for Americans in space. More

The NRA puts on silencer after Orlando massacre By Mark Sumner Jun 13, 2016
Here’s a hint: It’s not the sound of justifications and statistics rolling from their Twitter feed like rifle fire. It’s more like the sound that comes after. The silence. More
‘The Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting By NICKI MAYO and GREG SCHREIER, Associated Press
A gunman opened fire at an Orlando concert venue as a onetime star of "The Voice" signed autographs for fans after a show, killing the performer before fatally shooting himself, officials said Saturday More
A beautiful soul gone - VOTE in November; end the insanity!! by admin
And Orlando again  this morning (6-16) 20 50 killed, 42 injured  More
Please sign petition - reduce violence
Unlike the NRA, we’re a people-powered movement that depends on supporters like you to make our vision to reduce gun violence in America a reality  (click here to sign)
Chris Matthews trips up anti-LGBT extremist with one simple question By Leslie Salzillo May 15, 2016  
On his show MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews interviews Jennifer Boylan, transgender woman activist, and Travis Weber, right-wing anti-LGBT extremist. Chris asks Weber asimple question: Which bathroom should Jennifer use? Weber can’t answer - More
Short haired mistaken for trans, is bullied in Walmartbathroom—her response is PERFECT
Leslie Salzillo  5/17/16
While washing her hands in a Walmart bathroom, a woman was harassed by another customer who said: “You’re disgusting and don’t belong here!”  More
Trump and other candidates put the interests of the gun lobby ahead of public safety.
The NRA agenda, is veryunpopular with tmost Americans and downright dangerous . That's why we're launching the #MakeAmericaSafeAgain campaign to expose when Trump and others More

Michael Moore Nails Every Racist, War-Mongering, Pseudo-Christian, RW Gun Extremist - In One Tweet By Leslie Salzillo Jun 21, 2015
Filmmaker of many award-winning documentaries, including Bowling For Columbine, tweeted, putting the full scope of Right Wing extremism into its proper place of  historical hypocrisy. One proud White American, in less than 2 minutes, has killed TWICE as many Americans as ISIS has in 2 years. White Terrorists. #WISIS...More

NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President
At the NRA, Trump completes his rapid transformation into a pro-gun voice - guns in all schools! His "Great America?" - incivility, guns, violence! More
President Obama just announced significant investments in smart gun technology that could save lives.
Tragic statistics show just how overdue this technology is. In fact, since the President took action to reduce gun violence in January, there have been 71 unintentional child shootings in America. We should all be able to support smart gun technology that can reduce these senseless deaths and injuries by making it harder for guns to discharge unintentionally More
The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a hole in that guy's pocket: GunFAIL CLXXXI By David Waldman Apr 29, 2016
The photo shows Fifteen of the 53 guns discovered by TSA agents at airports across the country, during the week of Feb. 12-18, 2016
It’s true that we’re still a bit behind in catching up with GunFAIL incidents. But does it really matter, when any longtime reader can tell you that these are all just basically the same stories over and over again? More

N. Koreans: Brutal work abroad better than life back home  By HYUNG-JIN KIM, Associated Press
The country has sent tens of thousands of workers abroad with a mission to bring in foreign currency. Human-rights organizations have called those workers modern-day slaves, while also decrying human-rights abuses North Koreans face back home. To the workers themselves, there is little debate about which plight is more favorable...More
North Korea unveils homemade engine for missile capable of striking U.S.
The Washington Post, Anna Fifield 4/9/2016
TOKYO — North Korea has unveiled what it said was a domestically designed engine for an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States, the latest in a steady drumbeat of threats coming from Kim Jong Un’s regime...More
Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 30
BRUSSELS, March 22 (Reuters) - Islamic State claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks on Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train in the Belgian capital on Tuesday which killed at least 30 people…More
Paris attacks suspect Abrini arrested: police source
Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini was arrested Friday, a police source said as Belgian authorities announced they had detained several people in connection with the deadly Brussels airport and metro bombings...More
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