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Climate Change - This page contains articles about our environment (clean air/water, food safety, etc.), and politics throught the world.
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PLEASE help to save the Elephants from extinction
The grave danger of Climate Change to our planet  click

This Mine Threatens America’s Largest Wild Salmon Run
Both the mining camp and the salmon camp are wondering where EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt stands. More

Shocker. New Documents Show the trump Administration Cut Climate Change Impacts from its Energy Plan
Thus far, the Trump administration has seemed to make it a point to ignore the very real threat of global warming in its policy and unabashedly censor climate science on government websites, reports, and speeches. It should come as a shock to no one, then, that the administration’s recent rollback of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, has been no different—and gives even more cause for alarm among environmentalists. More
An EPA Guard Just Literally Shoved a Reporter Out of the Building
Scott Pruitt convened an EPA national drinking water summit in response to criticism that the EPA and White House had intervened to block a report that disclosed the harmful effects of certain contaminants in drinking water. Now, the summit has become a center of a new controversy. The Associated Press, CNN, and E&E News were barred from covering Pruitt’s speech on Tuesday. More
trump Is Trying to Make it Legal to Shoot Hibernating Bear Cubs
The proposed rule would allow hunters to lure brown and black bears with bait, hunt black bears and their cubs using artificial lights, shoot bear cubs and wolf and coyote pups in their dens, and use dogs to hunt black bears. It would also allow hunters to shoot swimming caribou from motorboats. More

trump Cancels NASA Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Program
Pakalolo  Community  May 10, 2018
More insanity from the Trump administration. Europe will now become the leader in international carbon monitoring. Phil Duffy, president of the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, told Science, “we really shoot ourselves in the foot if we let other people develop the technology,”.
This comes less then a month after a Climate Change denier took over NASA. More

Stop trump's Pork Rule
Trump’s Pork Rule privatizes the job duties of USDA inspectors and gives their work to untrained plant workers. Whistleblowers who work in the pilot pork inspection programs warn about faster line speeds, fewer inspectors, worse conditions for workers, and unnecessary harm to pigs – not to mention the gross things that find their way into your food. More
Tell the Dirty Dozen banks not to fund pipelines that threaten our water!
May 2018
Oil pipelines are a threat to clean drinking water and our oceans. Kinder Morgan is building a pipeline in Canada that would create a tanker superhighway that could drive the 76 remaining endangered Southern Resident orcas to extinction. More

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's 'Days Are Numbered' for Ethics Violations
 April 25, 2018
The ethics violations of Scott Pruitt keep mounting and now he has become too toxic for even the White House, says Todd Paglia, executive director of Stand Earth More
Leaked Memo: EPA Gives Its Employees Talking Points on How to Downplay Climate Science
Number 5: Suggest that humans are only responsible for global warming "in some manner." The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday evening sent employees a list of eight approved talking points on climate change from its Office of Public Affairs―guidelines that promote a message of uncertainty about climate science and gloss over proposed cuts to key adaptation programs. More

White House Abruptly Orders EPA to Loosen Clean Air Rules In Polluter Giveaway
By Alexander C. Kaufman 04/12/2018
president donald trump ordered the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday to dramatically overhaul national clean air standards and make it easier for industry to pollute in areas where it’s already dangerous to breathe. The executive order puts poor communities and people of color particularly at risk More

Take action: Congress is Putting Wildlife At Risk Don't let them gut the Endangered Species Act.
Take action today, and tell your Members of Congress to stand with the 9 out of 10 Americans that support the Endagered Species Act—and against this attack on wildlife. More

Senators Rebuke EPA Plan To Let Kids Handle Pesticides Again
By Dave Jamieson

If regulators remove the age restrictions, minors could work with pesticides that aren’t even sold to the general public because of how toxic they are. Scott Pruitt should be removed, he is obviously unstable and is incapable of protecting our environment. More

FEMA’s Plan for Dealing With Natural Disasters Is Missing the Two Most Important Words
After a year of record-setting storms, the report only vaguely mentions “increasingly complex” natural hazards. In its first strategic plan following a tragic string of natural disasters—Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, the fires that ravaged California, and record-setting East Coast winter storms—the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) boldly dodged the issue of climate change and the growing risk of these sorts of catastrophes. More
New Study: Eat Your Strawberries Before Climate Change Wipes Them Out
With its year-round sunshine and vast tracts of fertile land, California is one of the jewels of US food production, providing a third of the nation's vegetables and two-thirds of our fruits and nuts. Here's why that's a major problem. (Mother Jones) More

America’s Newest Weather Satellite Is a Game-Changer for Forecasting Catastrophic Natural Events
“The future of forecasting” left from Cape Canaveral last week.
It could be a sign of things to come: Climate models project that rising CO2 levels will stoke more violent tempests, fires, and floods. Fortunately, confronted by the planet’s increasingly crazypants forecast, scientists have developed an arsenal of tools for observing, understanding, and anticipating severe weather. More

'We might not recover': Neil deGrasse Tyson gets emotional and sounds the alarm. All the alarms.
By Jen Hayden Wednesday Sep 20, 2017
TYSON:  … Right. The longer we delay, the more--I worry we might not be able to recover from this because our greatest cities are on the oceans and water's edges historically for commerce and transportation and as storms kick in, as water levels rise they are the first to go and we don't have a system, we don't have a civilization with the capacity to pick up a city and move it inland 20 miles. More

donald trump's First 100 Days Have Been an Incredible Success...For Climate Change Deniers (for trump supporters, denier means disbeliever)
"I don’t think the environmental story has been adequately told."
But "collectively, he’s in the process of perpetuating one of the most devastating attacks on our environmental laws." More

Tens of Thousands March Against Climate Change and president trump in Washington, D.C. and other major cities.
By Chas Danner
Wow: enormous crowd for the Climate March today, just a week after the March for Science. People are fired up. More

The Other 100 Days: 5 Decades Before trump, the New EPA Truly Made America Great Again
KAREN HAOAPR. 28, 2017 6:00 AM
Once upon a time, the EPA had a golden age."The 1970s absolutely must be the years when America pays its debt to the past by reclaiming the purity of its air, its waters, and our living environment," Nixon said. "It is literally now or never." More
trump Defunding Science a Threat to Civilization
April 28, 2017
Climate Scientist, Dr. Michael E. Mann on why Scientists' voices must be heard More
Trump Threatens to Kill The Chesapeake Bay.
By Dartagnan   Apr 02, 2017
“If the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth won't restore a waterway that shines on the doorstep of its own capital, what chance do other waters have?” More

WATCH: Stephen Hawking Brilliantly DEMOLISHES Trump In One Incredible Video. Amazing.
Donald Trump’s and Scott Pruitt’s views on climate change present a real danger to the world. With glaciers breaking, hurricanes stronger than ever, and tornados ravaging the country, things will only get worse unless this global problem gets the attention and funding that it needs. The lives of our children and grandchildren depend on it. More

EPA Employees Speak Out Against Pruitt and Trump's Anti-Science Agenda
February 8, 2017
Sierra Club's Jack Darin and PEER's Jeff Ruch say that the workers who toil in anonymity are now on the streets protesting against Trump's nominee and the threats to public and environmental health posed by the administration More

Trump Attacks Climate Science to Defend Interests of U.S. Capital
The revolt of Canadian scientists against former prime minister Stephen Harper can serve as a model for U.S. scientists facing Trump's attacks on climate research, says professor Chris Williams More
trump is breaking the environment beyond repair
By Linda J. Bilmes FEBRUARY 20, 2018
HUMPTY DUMPTY famously cannot be “put back together” again. For those who care about the environment, every day since Donald Trump took office is a Humpty Dumpty day —with something being broken beyond repair. More

Trump Seeks Ease on Restrictions for Polluting Drinking Water
What the Trump Administration is essentially doing is making it easier for real estate developers, like Donald Trump, to build sprawling subdivisions on our fields and forests, to destroy our wetlands, to destroy the habitats for our wildlife and to really destroy the filters that give us clean water that we all need to drink. More

What kind of future do we want to leave for our children?
By Mark E Andersen  Sep 18, 2016
I look at the world we live in today and I see our society at a crossroads. In one direction we have Trump—a road paved with hatred and intolerance, a road that will take us to the dystopian future described in Player Piano. The other road is not perfect, but leads to a future that while not quite as idealistic and utopian as Star Trek will at least take us to a place where we can continue to work for equality, peace, and tolerance. Maybe the innocent childhood vision I had, the utopian future that Star Trek presented to me, will come true someday. For my son’s sake—and for the future of humanity—I hope that is the road we choose to go down. More

Conservative talk show host pens attack on Neil deGrasse Tyson—Tyson goes supernova on him By Walter Einenkel Aug 23, 2016
So what we must do is subtract the false information from your article, and then re-assess what name you choose to call me. More

(Politics Throughout the World)

On That North Korean Nuclear Offer...
kamarvt  Community  April 21, 2018
The offer to destroy their test site is an utterly empty one, since it has already been destroyed. Kim is offering Drumpf a bunch of gift wrap with nothing inside. Now watch everyone act like the Dotard accomplished something. More

Certainly gross, but in the world of trump not so much. It is a however a valid metaphor for the results of Sinapore!

Why the world is worried about this 'unstoppable' hypersonic Russian missile
Countries like the US and Britain, who have most powerful defense forces in the world, are already losing sweat over Russia's new missile defense system. More

Netanyahu or Not, Israel is Corrupted (2/2)
March 7, 2018
In part two of our interview, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says that blind US support has corrupted Israel and that a movement for a democratic state where all Israelis and Palestinians are equal offers the best path to justice. More

Hiroshima Apology Tour Dan Evon 5/29/16
While President Obama offered his sympathies, he did not apologize for the U.S. 1945 actions (click for the facts)
Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? We come to ponder a terrible force unleashed in a not-so-distant past. We come to mourn the dead, including over 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, thousands of Koreans, a dozen Americans held prisoner.
Their souls speak to us. They ask us to look inward, to take stock of who we are and what we might become.
Fox News & Sarah Palin Denounced In Stunning Earth Day Video By Prince Ea
By Leslie Salzillo Wednesday Apr 22, 2015
In this visually beautiful and mesmerizing piece, 27 year-old Prince Ea apologies to future generations for what we are doing, and not doing, to the planet. - More
Gulf Coast Residents Demand End to Drilling -- Entirely Denocracy Now 4/22/16
 As the world marks Earth Day, more than 60 heads of state meet at the United Nations headquarters to sign the Paris climate agreement aimed at slowing climate change. More
Demand Saudi Arabia end juvenile executions
Petition by Esha Krishnaswamy alamazoo, Michigan (6-29-16)
Human rights groups repeatedly document cases of brutality. Saudi Arabia has been cited by numerous human rights groups for its horrific punishments, especially towards minority communities and women. More
Exxon to us all, Drop dead
Exxon just faced their toughest shareholder meeting ever. Our allies inside the meeting, and outside on the streets, demanded that Exxon and their Big Oil buddies change their ways and divest from killing our planet  More
Belgium Under Muslim Sharia Law
A breath of fresh air to see someone lead with guts
She sure isn't backing down on her hard line stance and one has to appreciate her belief in the rights of her native countrymen. Austalian Prime minister does it again!
 The whole world needs a leader like this!  More
Kerry and Lavrov: The Odd Couple of the New Cold War FRENEMYSKIS 04.18.16  
Diplomacy’s “dynamic duo,” according to some, and “the odd couple,” according to others, have met and strolled and talked together dozens of times in the last three years in Asia, in Europe, in the United States and in Russia - More
Food for Thought! (world war danger!?)
Neocons and some among the GOP elites are beside themselves with despair over presidential candidate Donald Trump's success More

Russia Bolsters Its Submarine Fleet, and Tensions With U.S. Rise The New York Times By ERIC SCHMITT
The tensions are part of an expanding rivalry and military buildup, with echoes of the Cold War, between the United States and Russia. Moscow is projecting force not only in the North Atlantic but in Syria and Ukraine and building up its nuclear arsenal and cyberwarfare capabilities in what American military officials say is an attempt to prove its relevance after years of economic decline and retrenchment... More
US could have shot down Russian jet that buzzed destroyer: Kerry  (AFP 4/15/2016)
A Russian military jet that flew just feet from a US destroyer in international waters in the Baltic Sea could have been shot down under US rules of engagement, US Secretary of State John Kerry said... More
Putin’s Way 1/13/2015
FRONTLINE investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded Vladimir Putin's reign in Russia. The film is a FRONTLINE production with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...More
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