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Trump Getting Along With Dictators and Murderers
After Praising kim, trump Calls Media “Country’s Biggest Enemy”Taking cues from one of the world’s most notorious dictators.INAE OH JUN. 13, 2018
.@realDonaldTrump claim there is no longer a NK nuclear threat patently false. The summit changed nothing. Worse yet, overselling the summit makes it harder to keep sanctions in place, further reducing pressure on NK to reduce (much less give up) its nuclear weapons and missiles. @RichardHaass More
Trump states that he gets along with major dictators better than our own media!!!
Trump responded to the room of reporters: “I get along with everybody, except you people ... I get along with (Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin, I get along with Mohammed (bin Salman) from Saudi Arabia.”
Trump also often touts his friendship with NK leader Kim Jong Un and arranged a surprise meeting with the dictator on Sunday as part of his trip home from the summit. More
NEWS Trump Snaps At Reporter: What I Say To Putin At G20 ‘Is None Of Your Business’
By Guardians of Democracy Staff
Asked whether he plans to bring up 2020 election meddling with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin, Pres. Trump says he'll have a "very good conversation with him," adding: "What I say to him is none of your business." More
Pentagon, U.S. Intel Avoid Briefing Trump On New US Cyber Operation Against Russia: NY Times
By Guardians of Democracy Staff June 15, 2019
Blockbuster story buried in this NYT report.
Pentagon, intelligence officials fear they cannot trust Trump enough to brief him fully on new US cyber operation against Russia for fear he will "countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials" as he did before with Russians. More
The newspaper board’s article ― titled “Rather than defend democracy, Trump jokes with Putin”
June 29, 2019
Trump “kissed off the concerns” about Russian interference in American elections as he joked with Putin about meddling - “an unctuous display of his personal strongman impulses in front of a Russian president who leads a system that imprisons, persecutes and kills journalists and dissidents who become too curious or critical.”
cg-Weakly (caving to a foreign power as if it were funny! TRAITOR!!! #praytrumpout   More

Imagepetesouza -
Given what just transpired between Comrade minus (Drumpf) and Vladimir Putin, I thought it would be a stark reminder to post this photograph again.

*cg - Stongly defending our country vs. caving to a
foreign power)

ABC News got their hands on emails between alleged Russian agent and top NRA officials
Walter Einenkel Daily Kos Staff September 10, 2018
Maria Butina is the alleged Russian agent and “gun activist” arrested earlier this summer in connection to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. The 29-year-old was arrested a day after 12 other “Russian intelligence officers” were indicted in connection to hacking Democratic officials’ computers during the 2016 election cycle. More
trump changes plans to meet with Putin after Putin summons him
By Caroline Orr - October 25, 2018
Trump has spent most of his presidency deferring to Putin and following his orders on everything from bashing America’s intelligence agencies, to denying Russia’s election interference, to slow-walking sanctions, etc. More

It Looks Like trump Agreed To Give Crimea To Putin and Then Conspired To Hide It From Us
ursulafaw Community Thursday July 19, 2018
BREAKING NEWS: If this Bloomberg report is accurate, Trump secretly agreed to consider giving Crimea to Putin via a sham "vote" (which would in effect be giving his blessing to a war crime) and then conspired with him to hide that agreement from America's voters and elected reps. More
Joe Walsh on trump: He's a 'Traitor' and 'Danger' to US
By Bill Hoffmann   |   Monday, 16 July 2018
By the way, we are still under attack from Russia, and the President of the United States just made clear he's on Russia's side. Republicans, speak out. Now. This can't be tolerated. More
‘Pathetic Rout,’ ‘Tragic Mistake’ and ‘Painful’ — John McCain Holds Little Back in Describing Helsinki
Niels Lesniewski  7/16/2018
“Today’s press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake. More
Here’s What vladimir putin and donald trump Talk About When No One Else Is Listening
Appealing to the president’s vanity is 101-level stuff for heads of state and members of Congress. But it also speaks to the remarkable success of Putin’s own efforts that the language with which he strokes the president’s ego is itself a byproduct of Russia’s own election interference. “Fake news” was a Russian propaganda effort and the “deep state,” in Trump-speak, refers to the ongoing investigation into how Team Trump reacted to that meddling. It’s a disinformation feedback loop and we’re all stuck in it. More
Senate panel upholds finding that Russia backed trump, contradicting House
The Senate Intelligence Committee has unequivocally upheld the conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia developed a "clear preference" for then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election and sought to help him win the White House.  More
trump Declines to Add Sanctions Against Russians, Contradicting Haley
“President trump is out of step with the American people, American values — and as this situation has made clear, his own administration,” Mr. Engel said. More

donald trump’s new national security adviser John Bolton is already entangled in Robert Mueller's Russia investigation
John Bolton, trump’s new national security adviser, has connections to both Cambridge Analytica and an NRA group that may have used Russian money to help the Trump campaign. More

In an emotional farewell speech, Tillerson warns Russia and snubs Trump
WRITTEN BY Heather Timmons March 13, 2018
The State Department was unaware of the reasons for Tillerson’s firing, an official there said Tuesday morning. But the announcement came a day after Tillerson contradicted the White House about the recent poisoning of a British spy, saying it “clearly” came from Russia—a position disputed by the Trump administration. More

trump dismisses Tillerson for crossing the only 'Red Line' that counts: Russia, Russia, Russia
By Mark Sumner Mar 13, 2018
None of his service was enough to protect Tillerson when he dared suggest that not only was Russia behind a nerve agent attack in the UK, but that the United States would take action to protect their closest ally and NATO partner. More

Vladimir Putin’s black box for donald trump
THE LAST WORD Mar.08.2018
New book "Russian Roulette" has new details about Trump’s 2013 visit to Moscow and his eagerness to befriend Putin—including the gift Putin sent to him, which might be of interest to Robert Mueller. Eugene Robinson, David Cay Johnston, & Kurt Andersen join Lawrence O'Donnell. More

Christopher Steele: "Kremlin Blocked trump from Naming Mitt Romney as Secretary of State"
By Heavy Mettle  Mar 05, 2018
Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has reportedly told special counsel Robert Mueller that he believes the Russian government directly intervened to block President Donald Trump from appointing Mitt Romney as his secretary of state. More

Obama Chief of Staff: Sen. McConnell demanded Russia warnings be 'watered down' before 2016 election
By Hunter Mar 04, 2018
Why was Sen. McConnell, in particular, skeptical of the intelligence community's conclusions? Why did he believe he was better situated to understand the scope of Russian hacking, and its dangers, and possible ties to members of the Trump campaign team, than was the national intelligence community. More

trump warns that 'people will die' unless the Russian investigation, and sanctions, are dropped
By Mark Sumner  Nov 13, 2017
trump added that he thinks Putin “is very insulted by” the scandal – if there’s one thing the American president should be concerned about, it’s Vladimir Putin’s feelings – and that “people will die” as a result of the controversy. More
John McCain slams trump: "nothing America First" about believing Putin
By trumpimpeachment  Nov 12, 2017
Republican Senator John McCain, an increasingly vocal critic of trump, blasted trump, questioning Trump's patriotism and calling him "naive". More

trump sends CIA director to meet DNC hack conspiracy theorist
Rachel Maddow relays reports that trump sent CIA Director Mike Pompeo to meet with William Binney, frequent guest on Russia's RT network and Alex Jones' Infowars, and author of a DNC hack conspiracy theory that would appeal to Trump. More

As tRump caves to Putin, former Director of National Intelligence issues dire 2018 election warning
By Jen Hayden  2017/07/07 · 11:59
Putin tells Donald Trump Russia wasn’t involved in the criminal hacking of U.S. voter databases and Trump’s response is to simply accept that and bro hug it out? We are talking about the safety and security of the elections in the United States of America being disrupted by our biggest political foe and Trump says, no biggie and then goes on to tell Putin he believes the media is hyping the story? Outrageous. More
trump’s Other Russian Connection
Donald Trump just gave Putin a huge gift—and no one seems to have noticed. Trump indeed has given Putin plenty of reasons to not worry and be happy. His chaotic presidency has only alienated the United States, destabilized traditional alliances, and helped to strengthen Russia’s position internationally, and his withdrawal of the world’s biggest economy from the fight against climate change has given Putin yet another advantage. The future of the Paris climate change More

Russians Bragged That They Could Use Michael Flynn to Influence trump, CNN Reports
PEMA LEVY MAY 19, 2017
They viewed the former National Security Adviser as an ally. More

Why trump's Firing of Comey Should Be Investigated (This is impeachment territory.) DAVID CORN MAY 10, 2017

Trump enthusiastically praised Comey for his October surprise, because it dealt Clinton a blow in the final days and conceivably helped Trump win. But now, suddenly, Comey's conduct in that episode is supposedly the grounds for Trump showing Comey the door. More     More from Morning Joe

Trump/Kim Jong Un
Trump Brags About His Ability To Make Dictator Kim Smile: He’s ‘So Happy To See MeByGuardians of Democracy Staff July 12, 2019
Trump on Kim Jong Un (who has been accused of starving and torturing his own people): "You have a man that was so happy to see me. That's a good thing... You have a man who doesn't smile a lot, but when he saw me he smiled, he was happy." Trump praised the North Korean dictator for having a “powerful voice” that had “never been heard before” last month.
He also bragged about his “very good relationship” with Kim, telling reporters he had received a “beautiful letter” from him More
Trump Attacks ‘The Press’ While Showering Dictator Kim With Praise And Thanks
By Guardians of Democracy Staff
President Trump on Sunday praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un for having a “powerful voice” that had “never been heard before,” shortly after he became the first American President to step over the North Korean border and shake hands with a North Korean leader. Trump described his relationship with the North Korean leader as a “great friendship.”  More
2020 Democrats Slam Trump’s Meet With Kim Jong Un As Mere Photo Op 06/30/2019
North Korea launched two suspected “short-range missiles” in May that landed in the Sea of Japan. Trump, as he has previously, on Sunday dismissed the importance of the launches after his meeting with Kim. He told reporters he “didn’t consider those missile tests.”
The comment contradicts his top defense and national security officials, who have maintained that the launches violated United Nations resolutions. More
"I don't know where he's getting that," said Clapper. "In all the deliberations that I participated in on North Korea during the Obama administration, I can recall no instance whatever where President Obama ever indicated any interest whatsoever in meeting with Chairman Kim. That's news to me." More
North Koreans release humiliating video of incompetent trump saluting North Korean general
Jen Hayden  Daily Kos Staff  June 14, 2018
donald trump said he didn’t need to prepare for the summit with murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jon Ung. He goes by his gut. He doesn’t need to learn the ins-and-outs of diplomacy, no need to learn customs or even military protocol. No need to take advice from the U.S. State Department or the National Security Council. His gut and his charm are all he needs.
Nevertheless, you’d think it would be a no-brainer not to salute a general from a foreign military, one that has been threatening nuclear war with the United States for decades More

On That North Korean Nuclear Offer...
kamarvt  Community  April 21, 2018
The offer to destroy their test site is an utterly empty one, since it has already been destroyed. Kim is offering Drumpf a bunch of gift wrap with nothing inside. Now watch everyone act like the Dotard accomplished something. More

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