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White Privilege Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means
Kristen Howerton 05/13/2014 Dec 06, 2017
White people: no one wants you to apologize for being white. If that’s what you are hearing in conversations around privilege, it’s your own bias or unwillingness to examine yourself, and your attempt to instead create a straw-man situation to avoid seeing racial inequality. And that’s exactly what white privilege is. More
Subway employee calls police on two parents and their four kids eating dinner
Walter Einenkel Daily Kos Staff Thursday July 05, 2018
It can be dangerous to make a call to law enforcement  with blatantly false information for people of color. The employee's voice was quivering as she described my family as non-customers, more women than men, and hanging around a back door eventually describing us as being suspicious and possibly going to rob her to an officer. This call came after we purchased several footlong subs and one addition while she took a smoke break outside of the store.  We have no words for her action. More

Sign if you agree: No punishments for NFL players who kneel during the anthem
Campaign Action May 2018
So, in Trump logic, people protesting police brutality deserve swift, violent, and inhumane punishment, but racist cops who murder black and brown people face no consequences. More

trump doesn’t denounce roseanne’s racist tweet
Donald Trump criticizes ABC’s CEO—but not Roseanne’s racist tweet. Lawrence talks with Clarence Page and Mark Thompson. More

Thanks ABC and roseanne, For Educating Us About trump Voters.
Dartagnan  May 29, 2018
"Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show," ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement. More

California Assembly passes bill protecting all, regardless of age, from so-called 'ex-gay therapy'
Gabe Ortiz  Daily Kos Staff  April 20, 2018
According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), “if enacted, California would join Illinois and Connecticut in explicitly making ‘conversion therapy’ subject to consumer protection laws. California was the first state to enact legislation protecting LGBTQ minors from the abusive practice in 2012.” That legislation was introduced by then-state Senator Ted Lieu, who is now a U.S. congressman. More

Deandre Harris found not guilty of "assault" before bloody Charlottesville White Supremacist attack
By Frank Vyan Walton  Mar 16, 2018
We’ve seen the video, we know what happened to Deandre Harris.  But for some reason a magistrate in Charlottesville decided to listen to the complaints by White Supremacist Harold Crews and charge Harris with assault for swinging a flashlight at Crews while he was in the midst of trying to ram the end of a flagpole into another person. More

Valerie Jarrett responds to roseanne barr’s racist remark—with dignity and resolve
Leslie Salzillo May 29, 2018
On Tuesday afternoon, MSNBC released a clip of their upcoming interview with former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett. The attorney who worked with President Obama. There is so much to be admired about Valerie Jarrett. More

It Shouldn’t Have Taken Captain America and a Third-Grader to Make Me See White Privilege, But Here We Are
This is why Black Panther was such a huge deal for so many people, and why Hollywood needs to keep hiring more writers and directors and editors and cinematographers and agents and consultants of color who can help reshape what superheroes look like—as Yang did when DC Comics hired him to write Superman books and he came up with an Asian Man of Steel. Because despite all of the discussion around this topic over the past few years, white America still doesn’t get it. More
22% of US millennials haven’t heard of or are not sure if they have heard of the Holocaust, study finds
April 12, 2018
Ninety-three percent of the respondents said that all students should learn about the Holocaust in school and 80 percent said it was important to educate about the Holocaust to prevent it from happening again. More

Virginia Couple, Obama Precinct Captain, Murdered by Daughter's Neo-Nazi Boyfriend.
By durrati Dec 23, 2017
Early Friday morning the couple heard something in their home and confronted the teen, who was with their daughter. More

2017 Was the Year I Learned About My White Privilege
I used to be a smart-alecky conservative who scoffed at “political correctness”. The Trump era has opened my eyes. More

11-year-old black girl handcuffed at gunpoint by police searching for 40-year-old white woman
By Walter Einenkel  Dec 15, 2017
“I’m afraid to open or go near my back door because of what happened,” she said. More

A viewer called her the 'N-word' in an email and this Atlanta news anchor's response is going viral
By Jen Hayden Dec 06, 2017
News anchor Sharon Reed responds on air to a viewer who calls her the N-word. This Atlanta Mayoral race has people fiesty tonight. More

"What is wrong with you, white supremacists?" letter going viral
This is about a letter which is going viral, written by a very woke 67 year old named Jonna Ramey. She wrote her letter to the Salt Lake Tribune on August 26thexpressing her utter disdain for the white fascists/racists who have been emerging from under the rocks. It’s so on point that it is garnering world wide attention, and rightly so. You go Jonna! More
A Black Man And A White Woman Sat Down At A Pub. Then The White Supremacists Showed Up.
NEWS 10/31/2017 07:01 pm ET
“We were afraid someone was going to be thrown through the window.” By the time police arrived, everyone had dispersed. The 30-year-old woman later came back to make a report. Authorities are looking for the man accused of punching her, described as a white man in his 30s. More

US Deputy Attorney General Warns About the Right-Wing Terror Threat trump Ignores
Rod Rosenstein details plots and attacks by “violent domestic extremists.” MARK FOLLMANAUG. 30, 2017
Rosenstein also talked about the chaos and violence in Virginia that Trump blamed “many sides” for: “In Charlottesville this month, we saw and heard people openly advocate racism and bigotry,” he said. “Our Department of Justice responded immediately. We are working closely with local authorities on potential criminal civil rights prosecutions. The First Amendment often protects hateful speech that is abhorrent to American values. But there can be no safe harbor for violence.” More
Joe: trump playing to base when it comes to DACA
The president is expected to announce the end of DACA, an Obama-era immigration program, but with a six-month delay. The panel discusses the back and forth on the issue. More

 Scathing Washington Post Editorial Trashes donald trump For Defending Bigots
MEDIA 08/16/2017 “The nation can only weep.” By Rebecca Shapiro
The New York Times’ analysis of the press conference echoed the Post’s sentiment, warning that the president had “buoyed the white nationalist movement on Tuesday as no president has done in generations.” More
Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David during concert encore
News Brief August 22, 2017 7:04am
Photos of the legendary singer wearing the star began appearing on Facebook shortly after his performance Monday night. At least one tweet bore the hashtag #Charlottesville. Others called Joel “a true hero,” and his decision to wear the star “Epic and brave.” One tweet read: “So dope seeing Billy Joel live and seeing him take a stand to the hate in our country. Wearing the star of david is a huge statement.” More
The New York Times Confirms trump Is Not Only A Racist In Public, But 'In Private.'
By Dartagnan  Wednesday Aug 16, 2017
He’s spouting so much bigotry at his aides in private that they're embarrassed it’s all now being spilled out in public. More

donald trump condemns the removal of ‘beautiful’ statues of Confederate generals and slave owners
Mythili Sampathkumar New York NewsWorldAmericasUS politics 8/16/17
The President continues to respond to the violence in Charlottesville More

Johnny Cash's family tells white supremacists to get Johnny's name out of their mouth
By Walter Einenkel  Wednesday Aug 16, 2017
To any who claim supremacy over other human beings, to any who believe in racial or religious hierarchy: we are not you. Our father, as a person, icon, or symbol, is not you. We ask that the Cash name be kept far away from destructive and hateful ideology.
How You Can Identify A White Nationalist
“By Dana Liebelson ,  Matt Ferner POLITICS 08/14/2017
It becomes one of those ‘if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck’ kind of things.” More
White House's top white nationalist could become Trump's new communications director
By Hunter  Sunday Aug 06, 2017
His answers were peppered with dog whistles and talking points promoted by white supremacists. It was a bizarre performance by the dead-eyed policy adviser of no particular qualifications, but his hostile demeanor and insult-laden responses appear to be exactly what Trump wants to see in front of the cameras. More

trump Launches "The Real News" State Propaganda TV
By ericlewis0  Sunday Aug 06, 2017
Keith Olbermann
Last 11/3 we posited "Trump TV" wasn't his "fallback." It was a prototype for State Propaganda. It has now launched
Trump TV isn't funny, this is serious
This is the product of an authoritative state who limits free press & is now producing its own media More

donald trump at Yad Vashem leaves a bizarrely chipper note for posterity
Updated by Sarah Wildman   May 23, 2017
More than the somber speech he gave, that blithe, almost chipper, note is what people will remember from his historic trip. Journalists and activists immediately took Trump to task. Yair Rosenberg of Tablet magazine wrote on Twitter that it was “basically just what teenagers write in each other’s high school yearbooks.” More

An unstable commander in chief: trump's ban on transgender troops was result of a tantrum
By Hunter  Sunday Aug 06, 2017
The short version? Politico reports that Donald Trump announced a ban on transgendered military members because he was frustrated with the government's lawyers trying to explain the implications of such policies to him. More

Trump has another 'new plan' that was used by the Nazis against Jews in the 1930s By Walter Einenkel   Thursday Feb 02, 2017
“Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.” In it, a list of immigrant crimes to be made and updated regularly and given to the public for consumption is ordered. Der Stürmer will just be called "The New York Post" or "Breitbart" or "Fox News." Something catchy like that. More
Actor Don Cheadle Just Revealed How Trump Refers To Black Women While Golfing By Natalie Dickinson  - March 5, 2017
That story of Trump’s use of a racial slur while sexualizing women perfectly encapsulates what a vile and despicable man he truly is. All the stories and accusations leveled at Trump all corroborate each other and add to the credibility of all the other ones. How on earth did this scumbag ever get elected? More

Pence’s Neighbors Are Trolling Him With Gay Pride Flags Justin Worland Time
“I have no idea what he will think about, but I hope he will change his mind,” neighbor Ilse Heintzen told WJLA-TV. “This is one way that I can show my disagreement.” More In addition, it needs to be noted that Pence believes that forcing our children to undergo electroshock therapy can change their sexual identity. The practice of “conversion therapy” has been widely discredited, and is considered by experts as psychologically dangerous. Conversion therapy has been proven to lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even suicide. But homophobes like Mike Pence don’t care about protecting LGBT children. They only care about advancing their backwards beliefs at any cost. Pence has even gone so far as to re-route critical government funding from clinics providing HIV support to organizations that promote this harmful practice. (

Knock Colin Kaepernick, but don't call him un-American
Ian O'ConnorESPN Senior Writer
Kaepernick is a 28-year-old biracial man  who believes he can no longer remain silent in a country where young, black men are too often shot by overheated cops, and where blacks are forever asked by whites to rise above obstacles that whites themselves created. More About the National Anthem (click)
After receiving a barrage of questions about Colin Kaepernick, a veteran responds loud and clear
By Walter Einenkel Aug 29, 2016
You don't like what Kaepernick has to say? Then prove him wrong, BE the nation he can respect. It's really just that simple. More
Vote Against Hate: Sticker
Stand strong with a vote for unity and love. Buy this sticker to spread the message! Get it

For information  related to the recent race related shootings, click
 Peaceful remembrance for man killed by police in Baton Rouge
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP July 2016) — Grieving residents  honored an appeal at the funeral of a black man killed by police to celebrate his life rather than demonstrate his death. More
Every American needs awareness of the Ferguson Report and the American Dilemma of Denial!

Please view both of these Videos...
Woman with short hair mistaken for trans, is bullied in Walmartbathroom—her response is PERFECT
By Leslie Salzillo  May 17, 2016
While washing her hands in a Connecticut Walmart bathroom, a woman named Aimee Toms, 22, was harassed by another customer who said:
“You’re disgusting!” “You don’t belong here!”  More

Demand that Saudi Arabia ends juvenile executions
Petition by Esha Krishnaswamy alamazoo, Michigan (6-29-16)
Human rights groups repeatedly document cases of brutality. Saudi Arabia has been cited by numerous human rights groups for its horrific punishments, especially towards minority communities and women. More

Jane Elliott, the schoolmarm who would end our racism
"Racism is racism wherever you find it. White ignorance is the problem, and we white folks have now managed to export that problem all over the world."...More
Tubman’s In. Jackson’s Out. What’s It Mean? The New York Times By JENNIFER SCHUESSLER, BINYAMIN APPELBAUM and WESLEY MORRIS
The United States is adding a few new faces to its currency. Harriet Tubman will appear on the front of a new $20 bill to be unveiled in 2020, and a pair of civil rights scenes, one featuring suffragist leaders, will appear on the backs of redesigned $5 and $10 bills, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday - More
Yes They DO Hate Him Because He Is Black.
Former Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, pointing her finger in President Obama’s face. This is emblematic of the disrespect that many Republicans have for America’s first African-American President...More.
Charleston church shooting: 9 die in South Carolina 'hate crime'
18 June 2015 BBC From the section US & Canada

"This tragedy that we're addressing right now is indescribable," he said. "No-one in this community will ever forget this night." More

By Aaron Blake July 2 2019
Even as Trump talks about doing something at the federal level about homelessness, his budgets have called for the elimination of the organization that coordinates the federal response to homelessness, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. There are certainly other ways the problem could be tackled, of course, rather than through that specific council. Last week, Trump established via executive action the White House Council on Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing Development, a benefit of which the White House says is combating homelessness. #praytrumpout #GOPthedarkside More
Mass Eviction—San Jose’s Largest—to Displace 670 People
Nowhere is that problem more pronounced right now than at The Reserve, where some 670 residents have less than a year to get out. By the city’s count, it appears to be the largest eviction in Silicon Valley history—possibly the state’s—and it caught San Jose completely off guard. More
San Jose Council Limits Rent Increases to 5 Percent A Year
By Kris Sanchez and NBC Bay Area staff
With close to 500 in attendance, the San Jose City Council voted early Wednesday morning to impose rent control limits for the first time in about 37 years
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