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***Since the electon, most pages on this site are being updated on a daily basis***
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Dedicated to all feeling dispossessed by the injustice of bigotry, racism, Gov't failure, and immoral businesses.
America will  never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,  it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln
The world in clear & present danger with #GutlessOldParty #GrossOldParty #GunsOverPeople!
GOP the ‘Most Dangerous Organization in World History’ (click)
  About the fake president (click)  trump /RUSSIA (click)   pence - fraud (click) What is a sociopath? (click)
The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie— deliberate, contrived and dishonest— but the myth— persistent, ersuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. — John F. Kennedy
**Love For 1st Lady Michelle! (click) PRES Obama (click) **  Women (click)   Supreme Court (click)
Has the country lost its sense of 'The Common Good'? (click) Fake-Pro/Life? (click)

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Bigotry/Racism #blacklivesmatter (click)  Hate Crimes (click)  Native Americans (click)
Environment/World Climate Change/Environment (clean air/water, food safety, etc.), and world politics.
GOP (#Gutless Old Party) 2016-2018  trump filled the  swamp with former lobbyists  for the very rich.
Gratitude/Hope/Quotes  About Gratitude and Hope/ link to inspiratioonal Quotes New Video "Overcoming Hopelessness" (7-19-16)
Guns/NRA Christina Grimmie shot/Orlando Massacre! (6/14/16)
HealthCare, Social Security  - Medicare, Medicaid - BEWARE, all is at risk from the GOP. Take Action!
Injustice/Companies/Taxes/Student Loans - BAE Systems, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh,etc.
Media Manipulation Americans are Morons? (click)
Photos/Video Cute video re:3 legged dog, AmericanPharoah winsTriple Crown, CUBS WIN! ... Phillies Win! Trump and SNL
Religion and "That's Life" Religion: Articles and opinions. Regarding the reality of Life: stories and poetry. July 2016 Jimmy Carter
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